Coding Notes Shopify

Append Tags to Shopify Products Using PHP

I’m using the code below to update hundreds of product tags in Shopify, you might be able to find an app in Shopify but this way seems quicker for me. This code was tested on API version 2020-01. PHP 7.2 + Required This code uses your terminal/command prompt to execute the php script and requires …

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Coding Notes iOS/Objective-C

Delete Duplicate Photo Albums in XCode Objective-C

I accidentally created too many photo albums with the same name, I needed a solution to delete it all without manually deleting it. There’s probably an easier way to do this if you know it let me know. NSString *albumName = @”SOME ALBUM”; __block PHAssetCollection *albumCollection = [[PHAssetCollection alloc] init]; PHFetchOptions *albumOptions = [[PHFetchOptions alloc] …

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Coding Notes

Send Email Attachments With MailJet

I didn’t use the mailjet wrapper, instead I used curl to call the request. Here’s an example code to send a pdf attachment file with mailjet. I believe its similar to the code in their documentation. function sendMailjetAttachment($email = ”, $name = ”, $subject = ”, $message = ”, $file = ”) { $mailjetApiKey = …

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