How to Install FusionPBX on CentOS 7

FusionPBX is a multi-tenant PBX application that can be used as a call center server, fax server, voip server, voicemail server and more.

The Problem

The current FusionPBX installation script seems to have issues due to PostgreSQL 9.4 and firewalld not being installed correctly.

I’m using the steps below to install on a fresh copy of CentOS 7.

The Fix

1. First, make sure all your packages are up to date via yum.

yum -y update

2. Next, install wget and firewalld.

yum -y install wget firewalld

3. Install the PostgreSQL version 9.4 rpm

yum -y install

4. Install the PostgreSQL 9.4 server

yum -y install postgresql94-server postgresql94-contrib postgresql94

5. Start the firewalld service

systemctl start firewalld

6. Run the FusionPBX installation script

wget -O - | sh

cd /usr/src/ && ./

The script will run for a few a minutes and once done the script will output the admin username and password.

7. The script disables SELinux so a reboot is required to complete the installation. Otherwise, you’ll have issues accessing the web page.


3 thoughts on “How to Install FusionPBX on CentOS 7”

  1. Thanks a lot! I am new on FusionPBX and never used Postgresql (come from Asterisk world). This installation was getting me crazy! I was thinking on using debian but never used it before and now I don’t have to.

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