PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function Intervention\Image\finfo_buffer()

An error that says “Call to undefined function Intervention\Image\finfo_buffer()”. This error can occur if the PHP fileinfo extension is not installed or enabled on your system. The fileinfo extension is used by the Intervention/Image package to determine the type of image files that you’re trying to manipulate. Without this extension, you won’t be able to use the Image class to open and manipulate image files. To fix this error, make sure the fileinfo extension is installed and enabled on your

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Current Password Is Not Secure On Shopify

I recently received a new error message on Shopify but wasn’t sure if it was real or not but after contacting their live support it seems that it is indeed real. Your account couldn't be accessed because the current password is not secure. You will receive an email to update your password. Shopify has added additional security measures to protect customer accounts from leaked credentials.        

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Cmd File For Different PHP Versions on Windows

I’ve been working with some clients who ran Laravel under older PHP versions than I have installed so I needed a quicker way to access the correct versions in command prompt. 1. Make sure you download the PHP versions you need or use wampserver. I needed 2 different versions PHP 7.3 and PHP 7.4 2. Create a directory called C:\Bin or something similar and add it to the %PATH% variable. 3. Create the command file in C:\Bin c:\bin\php73.cmd @call <path

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ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE in WordPress and Visual Composer

The Problem While trying to troubleshoot a client’s website I kept seeing this message when trying to access the Page Menu / Edit a page. This page isn't working ____ didn't send any data. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE Turns out the issue was triggered by the Visual Composer plugin. The Fix In apache/.htaccess I increased the SubstituteMaxLineLength level to 10M, the default setting is 1M. <IfModule mod_substitute.c> SubstituteMaxLineLength 10M </IfModule> The website was hosted on GoDaddy.

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Append Tags to Shopify Products Using PHP

I’m using the code below to update hundreds of product tags in Shopify, you might be able to find an app in Shopify but this way seems quicker for me. This code was tested on API version 2020-01. PHP 7.2 + Required This code uses your terminal/command prompt to execute the php script and requires the “write_products” scope in Shopify’s API. Install the Dependencies Using composer: composer require phpclassic/php-shopify The Code Fill in the $config variable with your store details,

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Sending Leads From Contact 7 Form to BigPurpleDot Using WordPress

BigPurpleDot is a powerful real estate management software for lenders & realtors. You can use their API to send leads from WordPress Contact 7 Form to their CRM platform. The Code Edit the variables below ($formId, $apiUser & $apiSecret) and place the code in your current themes functions.php. $formId – is your Contact Form Id. $apiUser – can be found in your BPD settings. $apiSecret– can be found in your BPD settings. The code below assumes you’re using the fields

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